2017: The first 3 months

Hello there!

The first blog of 2017 and we are already 3 months in! Where is the time going? 

So much that has happened since my last posting. I've had a Sip and Paint, I've been working with new design clients, I've been illustrating for packaging, I've had illustration commissions and I've gained an agent - woohoo! I've also been trying (and occasionally succeeding) in making sure my students are on top of their coursework in the looming exam season. One little thing.. I still have issues with the digital version of my book on Amazon, but I hope this will be resolved soon.
And so ...

Sip and Paint

With the sell out success of the Georgia O'Keeffe Special, Thursday 23 March sees Sip and Paint return with a Jasper Johns Special! Jasper Johns is one of my favourite artists. And you can purchase tickets for the Sip and Paint: Jasper Johns Special here! Hope to see you there :) 

Nu People Magazine Feature

I'm one of three featured artists in the January/February edition of NUPeople! It's a great edition with fashion, style and beauty with some great interviews. NuPeople is a digital magazine and you can purchase and download it here. 

British Library and the AOI

A copy of my first book Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Volume 1 is now with the British Library Legal Deposit. "What does that mean?" I hear you say! Well in the words of the good folk at the British Library...

[The] Legal deposit has existed in English law since 1662. It helps to ensure that the nation’s published output (and thereby its intellectual record and future published heritage) is collected systematically, to preserve the material for the use of future generations and to make it available for readers within the designated legal deposit libraries. 

I am also now a full member of the Association of Illustrators. The AOI was established in 1973 to advance and protect illustrator's rights and encourage professional standards. 

Until next time!