Drawing Your Future

It was Boxing Day, December 26, 2015. 2AM. 

After a delightful dinner, I sat in my parents guest room contemplating the goals that I have yet to achieve. I desperately needed my 2016 to be radically different from 2015. I started flicking through various Ted Talks and stumbled upon a talk by a Patti Dobrowolski. As a visual learner, her whole approach to goal setting was right up my street. 

I watched the video. I prayed. I meditated. I mentally began to peel away and discard all the 'what if's'. I began to unplug all the blockages, nullify all the negativity. I began to purposefully ignore the loud and insignificant voices that said (for whatever reason) I couldn't go for it - and then, suddenly it became really clear. What I really wanted to achieve in 2016, was to publish my first book. Not just to publish it, but to have an exhibition of selected pieces on the walls of the venue, an intimate gallery that was packed with men, women and children all having a good time and lining up to have me sign my book. And so I drew what I saw. Rather than describe it, I have a copy of it below. 

Below, my (rather crude) drawing dated Saturday 26 December, 2015. The photo was taken by my sister Jordina Walker, Friday 5 August, 2016. 

Now, while it is true that this chapter of the journey started with this drawing, the genesis of the journey started nearly a full 8 years ago. Looking back, I really could have just left it. I'm so glad I didn't. The response from people from all walks of life has been great. I've watched parents sharing their experiences with their children using my illustrations as a vehicle to do so. I've watched strangers engaging in conversations about the pieces. I've also watched Irishmen effortlessly read the Jamaican in my book. It's been an awesome start to this part of the journey.

Needless to say, I will be 'Drawing my Future' regularly. Seeing the drawing and photo together really encourages me to pursue my goals. It also serves as a reminder that I am limited only by my imagination. 

I challenge you to draw your future.

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