Jude Gayle

September 24, 2017. My friend lost his brother in a senseless murder. His name was Jade Gayle and his murderers were acquitted of their crime.

Upon hearing this news, the family decided to put an event together to appeal for witnesses. An event in which people could come and both celebrate Jude’s life and really reflect on that evening, prayerfully recollecting their memories for some shred of of potential evidence. I was asked by Jude’s mother, to do a live painting.

I was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Chris Ofili and his response piece to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, No Woman, No Cry (1998). Ofili focuses on the pain of the mother, her anguish and her tears (in which Stephen appears in every one. That was my starting point. The mother and her children, gone and surviving. The gold in the painting being Jude, he runs through the entire piece.

The painting depicts Jude’s mother mourning the loss of one of her four children while she weeps into the scales of justice, hoping that her tears will somehow shift the balance.

The family still continue to fight for justice. #justice4jude


The Weeping Mother, 2018
Acrylic and pencil on canvas
Framed courtesy of Sean Johnson of Johnson Picture Framing & Galleries

Breaking the silence

As I look at my last post, I am transported back to a time where I was optimistic about my future. Where I was full of hope and looking forward to what the rest of the year, and indeed, what 2018 had in store for me.

Those last few months of 2017 were difficult and the first 6 months of 2018 weren’t any better - in fact they were worse. I stumbled through times of complete loneliness, aloness, health complications, feelings of isolation, rejection and abandonment - needless to say this all impacted on my mental health. I sank into a depression that I had never experienced before. Sure, for a while I was able to maintain the charade and wear a mask, but there came a point where I could no longer wear that mask - it was killing me. One of the main things that helped was admission of my position, seeking counselling, and yes, creating some pieces that expressed how I felt.

And how did I feel? Invisible. Invisible to God, to the world, to the country I call home, to men, to ‘friends’ and family. Of course the reality is, that most to this wasn’t true - but boy, did it feel real.

The pieces below are an expression of my rage, frustration and disappointment. In a minimal colour palette, I was able to articulate with paint what I was unable to with words. The wood surface representing the earthiness of being both female and from the African Diaspora. The label 'black’ being assigned to me - somehow, under immense persecution and suffering, we have managed to make ‘blackness’, cool. So it was only fitting that a thick, textured black lacquer be used to to demonstrate this. Red tells the story of the blood spilled, both past and present from bodies belonging to the African Diaspora right across the globe for the benefit, the growth and the gain of others. And gold. Gold tells of the richness in my heritage, whose fullness I will never know.

I hope to continue in this way of working, it was releasing and a cathartic process. I have named the quadriptych: Pieces of a Broken Heart/Black Rage.

September Shenanigans

It's been such a long time since my last post. I've spend 3 months on Europe's mainland (more on that in my next post), and I've also been diligently working on shaping my future. 

Catford Arts Trail: Venue 44

September is here and in a matter of days the second annual Catford Arts Trail will be upon us. It's over the course of two weekends, Saturday 23 & 24 September and Saturday 30 September & Sunday 1 October. I will be at venue 44 with some amazing artists; my photographer sister (who does all the photography for my Sip events), Jordina Walker. Jeweller, Leila Khassal and textile artist, Diana McKinnon. As well as my Jamaican Proverbs and my book, I will also be sharing some new pieces. Be sure to drop by and say 'hi!', it would be great to see you.

Sip and Paint

During the Arts Trail, I will also be doing a Sip and Paint on Thursday 28 September. The theme is The Caribbean, so expect lots of colour, great music and a great painting to take home. Book now to avoid disappointment. It's gonna be good one! 

Here are the photos (taken by the lovely Jordina Walker) from the last event in April. Organised by myself and Shivon Kwateng of VivaciousU, this Sip and Paint event was designed specifically for mothers - a 'Mummy's Sip and Paint Lunch Date'. Have a flick the photos, it'll give you idea of what to expect :)

Until next time!

2017: The first 3 months

Hello there!

The first blog of 2017 and we are already 3 months in! Where is the time going? 

So much that has happened since my last posting. I've had a Sip and Paint, I've been working with new design clients, I've been illustrating for packaging, I've had illustration commissions and I've gained an agent - woohoo! I've also been trying (and occasionally succeeding) in making sure my students are on top of their coursework in the looming exam season. One little thing.. I still have issues with the digital version of my book on Amazon, but I hope this will be resolved soon.
And so ...

Sip and Paint

With the sell out success of the Georgia O'Keeffe Special, Thursday 23 March sees Sip and Paint return with a Jasper Johns Special! Jasper Johns is one of my favourite artists. And you can purchase tickets for the Sip and Paint: Jasper Johns Special here! Hope to see you there :) 

Nu People Magazine Feature

I'm one of three featured artists in the January/February edition of NUPeople! It's a great edition with fashion, style and beauty with some great interviews. NuPeople is a digital magazine and you can purchase and download it here. 

British Library and the AOI

A copy of my first book Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Volume 1 is now with the British Library Legal Deposit. "What does that mean?" I hear you say! Well in the words of the good folk at the British Library...

[The] Legal deposit has existed in English law since 1662. It helps to ensure that the nation’s published output (and thereby its intellectual record and future published heritage) is collected systematically, to preserve the material for the use of future generations and to make it available for readers within the designated legal deposit libraries. 

I am also now a full member of the Association of Illustrators. The AOI was established in 1973 to advance and protect illustrator's rights and encourage professional standards. 

Until next time!

Happy New Year!

Hello you,

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas/New Year break! I certainly am! I haven't been so relaxed in a really long time. Despite my relaxed state, I want to share with you a few updates!

Sip and Paint

On Thursday 26 January, I will be doing the the first 'Sip and Paint' of the New Year!

Sip and Paint is a great way to meet new friends, it's great for mates and for dates. No experience? No problem! Absolutely no experience in art is necessary! I'll take you through step, by step in how to paint in the style of renowned and legendary American painter, Georgia O'Keeffe. With a glass of wine in tow, we'll be painting a beautiful, seascape that will look beautiful in your home - or as a gift. For more information, and to take advantage of the early bird tickets follow the link here

Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Vol. I Update

I also wanted to let you know that my book Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Vol I is now available for your Kindle and iPad on Amazon! Leave your rating, comments and download it here, or simply click on the image below to have a look :)

Extended sale on all framed prints!

Catford Arts Trail

24 - 25 Sep & 1 - 2 Oct The Catford Arts Trail : 11am - 6pm

Next weekend, a free Catford Arts Trail/Open House event opens to celebrate creativity in Catford. Local artists and makers will show their work in various homes, business and public spaces.

A district known mostly for the grimy (some would say charming) landmark of a foreboding cat in pursuit of an invisible, of what I can only image to be a rather large rodent or ball of yarn, will be having it's first ever Arts Trail! Yay!

Catford is an area that is slowly being regenerated, and partly as a result, an eclectic art scene is steadily revealing itself - and I am really excited to be part of it.

I will be sharing selected pieces from the Still I Rise and Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs collections, and of course I will have the book with me. So if you missed out on the launch, this will be a great opportunity to see the work and book in the flesh. And dare I say purchase a signed copy :) 

On the Trail there will be potters, fine artists, printmakers, workshops and much more. I will be exhibiting alongside some great artists of varying disciplines, from installation artists to paper sculptor at venue 26. All work will be on sale and you'll have the opportunity to meet the artists, and purchase should you feel so inclined! There's even an opportunity to win some art! It really is a great opportunity to see that creativity in Catford has excelled beyond that foreboding cat. 

Hope to see you there.

For more information and to download the map, click here.

Drawing Your Future

It was Boxing Day, December 26, 2015. 2AM. 

After a delightful dinner, I sat in my parents guest room contemplating the goals that I have yet to achieve. I desperately needed my 2016 to be radically different from 2015. I started flicking through various Ted Talks and stumbled upon a talk by a Patti Dobrowolski. As a visual learner, her whole approach to goal setting was right up my street. 

I watched the video. I prayed. I meditated. I mentally began to peel away and discard all the 'what if's'. I began to unplug all the blockages, nullify all the negativity. I began to purposefully ignore the loud and insignificant voices that said (for whatever reason) I couldn't go for it - and then, suddenly it became really clear. What I really wanted to achieve in 2016, was to publish my first book. Not just to publish it, but to have an exhibition of selected pieces on the walls of the venue, an intimate gallery that was packed with men, women and children all having a good time and lining up to have me sign my book. And so I drew what I saw. Rather than describe it, I have a copy of it below. 

Below, my (rather crude) drawing dated Saturday 26 December, 2015. The photo was taken by my sister Jordina Walker, Friday 5 August, 2016. 

Now, while it is true that this chapter of the journey started with this drawing, the genesis of the journey started nearly a full 8 years ago. Looking back, I really could have just left it. I'm so glad I didn't. The response from people from all walks of life has been great. I've watched parents sharing their experiences with their children using my illustrations as a vehicle to do so. I've watched strangers engaging in conversations about the pieces. I've also watched Irishmen effortlessly read the Jamaican in my book. It's been an awesome start to this part of the journey.

Needless to say, I will be 'Drawing my Future' regularly. Seeing the drawing and photo together really encourages me to pursue my goals. It also serves as a reminder that I am limited only by my imagination. 

I challenge you to draw your future.

Purchase the book here.

Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Volume One - Coming Soon!

Press Release: The Soft Launch for my first book!!

On the weekend that Jamaica celebrates its 54th year of independence, Nadine Walker invites you to the soft launch of her first book, ‘Illustrated Jamaican Proverbs: Volume One’. With selected illustrations from the book being exhibited, it will be Nadine’s first solo exhibition in two years.

At a time when heritage, identity and belonging are the topic of conversation in the UK, Nadine’s picture book takes its inspiration from her Jamaican heritage and contemporary life in England. Through the illustration of these Jamaican proverbs the book seeks to engage families and communities of all cultures in dialogue, in celebrating our similarities and differences.

The book will be available for purchase here on nadinewalker.london from Friday 5 August and throughout the weekend of the soft launch.

Venue & Hours:
JonaQuest Art, 36 Greenwich Church St., London, SE10 9BL
Private view and Soft Book Launch: Friday 5th August 2016; Time : 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition continues: Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th August 2016; Time : 11am – 7pm

Register your interest for the private view here.

Picture Book 'Soft' Launch

Ladies and gents. My ongoing project of Illustrating Jamaican Proverbs has culminated in my first picture book! 

"What's a 'soft' launch?!" I hear you cry! Well, just like the wisdom in the Jamaican proverb 'Tes out di waata bifou yu jomp iin' - I'm dipping my big toe in the water to see what happens! If the waters are calm, I'll dive right in and have a 'hard' launch at a later date.

The 'soft' launch of the book and exhibition will be over the first weekend in August which happily coincides with Jamaican Independence day - talk about perfect timing!